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Our work

Legal services

We have diverse and extensive law practice and provide a full range of legal services. Legal services in the field of banking and financial services, financing and information technology are our core areas of practice. In addition, we also provide legal aid services in many other areas, including taxes, area of litigation, pension area, area of labour law, real estate  and so on.

Our expertise covers wide range of industry sectors, a divers range of clients to the fullest extent represented by legal entities - companies. In additon the law firm OSTOVIĆ & RAKUŠIĆ provides help and gives opinions in legal matters related to foreign investment.

Our fields of legal expertise:

  • Banks and financial services
  • Fundings
  • Information technologies
  • Asset management
  • Capital market
  • Real estate
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

We provide our legal services to following industries:

  • Financial institutions
  • Manufacturing and services industries
  • Real estate and developers
  • Consumer products and retail
  • Information technology
  • Telecommunications